This website is primarily a database, where you can find the results of an investigation spanning three years and three continents. In the previous gallery, there are images belonging to bestiaries hunted in Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Spain.  Each image will lead you to more information on the work, so if one piques your interest, you can click on it to learn more.


Never heard of a bestiary? Wondering why anyone would do this? Click here to learn more.


Beasts are being captured and added daily. Your patience is appreciated as some prove elusive and my weapon of choice (the scanner) doesn’t always work.


My name is Ailén and I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor equivalent) at the Australian National University’s School of Literatures, Languages and Linguistics, where I teach Spanish language and literature, as well as translation. You can find out more about my research and teaching profiles here. When I am not chasing bestiaries or struggling to keep them on the page, I enjoy language learning, teaching, and baking for my students and friends.